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Books 1 & 2

By Donna Martin

Psoma yoga is Donna's original approach to yoga as embodied mindfulness for self and other awareness. Psoma yoga therapy presents her original integration of yoga and the Hakomi method for therapists and healers.

E-book can be purchased for $15.95.
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By Ron Kurtz and Donna MartinThe Practice of Loving Presence

It was about 1996 when Ron Kurtz invited me to write this book, the Practice of Loving Presence. We started right away and we worked for many years on both the development of the Loving Presence workshops and on the writing. At the time of Ron's death, the book was sitting on his computer waiting for editing and revision. So it is with great pleasure that I am ready at last to present the first two books of this important part of Ron's legacy - the Practice of Loving Presence.

We are offering the book in four parts which will all be available as e-books:

  • Book One: Ron's Introduction to the Practice of Loving Presence
  • Book Two: a Practice Guide - the Basic Exercises for the Practice Loving Presence (comes with the MP3)
  • Book Three: The Practice of Loving Presence for Therapists
  • Book Four: Loving Presence: a Practice for Life

Books one and two and the Loving Presence mp3 (formerly available as a CD) come together and can be purchased for a total of $25. Books three and four can be purchased for $12.95 each book.
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Book One of the Practice of Loving Presence is an introduction to the practice in Ron Kurtz' own words, and a few of the key exercises for the practice.

Book Two follows up with a more detailed and comprehensive description of these and many other exercises and practices, along with some helpful guidelines for setting up a practice group with friends or colleagues.

Book Three talks about the importance of loving presence for those of you who are therapists and especially in Hakomi or other psychotherapy settings. You will learn here a little about the Hakomi Method, which is where this all began.

Book Four, a Practice for Life, is an invitation to use the practice of loving presence in your life in a variety of professional and personal settings.

Books Three and Four include some writing and input by Flint Sparks. We hope the Practice of Loving Presence books will inspire you to bring this practice into your own life and work and to discover for yourself how it can enrich and enliven your relationships with others.

Books One, Two and Three, each containing three of Donna Martin's popular small booklets*

By Donna MartinRemembering Wholeness


A variety of the mindfulness-based influences on the inSight approach to developing greater self awareness, compassion for others, and healing as remembering wholeness. Includes psoma yoga, toning, Hakomi, the Triangles, and Simply Being.

Addresses the issues of trauma, dissociation, physical and emotional pain, and healing from a new paradigm of intrinsic wholeness.

Describes the essential authentic self as a "wonderchild". It is an inspirational self-esteem building invitation to come home to who you really are.


Simple effective strategies for transforming stress and enjoying life.

Questions for self-study and journaling, as well as simple effective strategies for handling feelings and emotions more creatively. The exercises are designed to get us back in touch with feelings and would be useful for therapists and counsellors or for anyone in therapy or in recovery.

Women, in particular, have been conditioned to take care of everyone else's needs before our own. Unfortunately, many women have needed an illness or chronic pain to give themselves permission to be "selfish". This interactive process was adapted from a workshop created to help men and women alike identify and overcome the unconscious obstacles to taking care of ourselves and remembering our own wholeness.


IF YOU THINK YOU CAN: (Addictions are the Tip of the Iceberg):
Discusses the roots of our addictions and provides strategies to use the power of the mind to move beyond the habitual coping strategies that limit and damage our lives.

A practical guide to moving through change creatively. These exercises have been used successfully in workshops, seminars, and individual and couples sessions with hundreds of clients. Donna's original Change-Mapping process is included. "To encompass change is to embrace Life fully."

THE ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE: (Cultivating the Art of Appreciation):
Practical strategies to help us remember that "everything in the universe is a pitcher brimming with wisdom and beauty"... (Rumi) This booklet contains twenty simple effective individual or group exercises and meditations to open the heart.

*These booklets are now published in three volumes of Remembering Wholeness. Books 1, 2, and 3 are available to purchase at

There is also a FREE BOOKLET available:

This interactive process sheds light on our personal definition of love, the way we choose a mate, and the roots of conflict in relationship. It presents an interesting introduction to a more complex self-awareness process called Family Triangles, designed to help us resolve relationship issues and create more satisfying partnerships. Click here to download booklet.

a reflective practice guide for helping professionals

By Donna Martin and Marlena Field

Published in November 2007

From the introduction:

"Helping others is all about “being in relationship”, and therefore about developing personhood — full human beingness. Yes, it’s great that we have training, experience, and skills. But unless we can show up fully in our relationships and be authentically ourselves, our presence offers less than its full potential and we end up feeling generally less fulfilled.

This book provides a self-study reflective practice guide for:

  • how simply being can enhance whatever we do, both in our work and in our personal relationships
  • how simply being reduces stress and invites a calm serenity that makes any action in the moment more likely to be relevant and useful
  • how simply being creates space for another to feel our presence in a way that is reassuring, comforting, nourishing
  • how simply being opens the door for insight, wisdom, and connection
  • how to help others, if that is our role, come back to simply being in a way that makes their own lives richer, more peaceful, more creative, and more joyfully inspired
  • This is also a guide to reflective practice for personal balance and for doing whatever work you are doing more joyfully, creatively, and effectively. Relating to others in this way feels more effortless and enjoyable, energy-sustaining rather than draining.

From this guidebook you will learn ways to practice reflecting on who and how you are being — both with your clients and with the other important people in your life. You will probably discover some old habits and patterns that are limiting your full performance as a helper or as a friend. You may have some important insights — some ‘aha’ moments — that can help to move you forward towards greater fulfillment in work and in life.

You will also be offered practical ways to help others to reflect, to stay present, to simply be aware of the moment and of what is happening in their present experience. This way of simply being is illuminating. It is an effective way of reducing unnecessary stress, of clearing away harmful thoughts and emotions, of remembering where you are in life and what is true for you. As a reflective practice it allows insight and clarity to emerge out of confusion and helps you to listen to your inner wisdom. It helps to put everything into its proper perspective."

6"x9" Coil-bound 112 page book Cost: $19.95 (USD) plus shipping. Order online here

Free Booklet!


By Donna Martin

This interactive process sheds light on your personal definition of love, the way you choose a mate, and the roots of conflict in relationships.

It presents an introduction to a more complex self awareness process called Family Triangles, designed to help us resolve relationship issues and create more satisfying partnerships. (Seeing Your Life Through New Eyes, by Paul Brenner and Donna Martin) Click here to download booklet.


By Donna Martin, M.A.

Remembering Wholeness: InSight Methods, by Donna Martin, M.A. is an e-book plus accompanying mp3 audio file about a spiritual paradigm for healing and offers some practical ways to help you access inner wisdom. InSight methods produce insights but mainly they are experiential bodymind approaches to seeing in… tuning in to the wisdom within you in order to learn to live a more authentic, conscious, compassionate and creative life. Some of the methods presented include mindfulness, the Hakomi Method, the Triangle Method, and Donna’s original approach to yoga for emotional healing. Remembering Wholeness sees wholeness as intrinsic, healing as wholeness happening, and therapy as a way of helping someone remember and experience the reality of wholeness. The book is designed to be used by anyone interested in consciousness and health, personally or professionally.

December 2002   ISBN 0-9689579-1-9     68 pages     Cariboolinks Publishing    $14.95 (US) Order online here

A Workbook to Free Yourself From Your Past

By Paul Brenner, M.D., Ph.D. and Donna Martin, M.A.

Seeing Your Life Through New Eyes identifies the origin of your personal profile and points you in directions to maximize your potential and transcend self-imposed limitations. This workbook format helps readers create a diary of self-discovery and assists in resolving any misunderstood relationships and addictive behavior. This book offers insights for replacing negative thoughts by revealing the source of their origin and suggests tools for reflection, insight, and change. Utilizing the process Family Triangles, which is based on the relationship of the parental hurts or gifts of childhood, specifically from the age of two to twelve, and how these experiences combine with inherent temperament to shape your adult life, Seeing Your Life Through New Eyes revisits your past and offers new perspectives from a different focal length without filters.

Click here to read some reviews of this book.

October 2000 ISBN 1-57178-164-1     176 pages


The Yabbut Rabbit

By Donna Martin, M.A.

.... a delightful story for all ages with a message about life lived in the mind or in reality.

$6 (CDN) each for 10 or more
or $7.00 (CDN) each, plus shipping & handling


Donna leads you through a 20 minute guided relaxation and a 20 minute mindfulness practise.

$8.95 (US) plus shipping & handling. Order online here

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