Psoma Therapy

For anyone who wonders about how to facilitate a more embodied healing experience in psychotherapy, or wanting to learn a simple yet powerful way to support your own or another's personal transformation, psoma yoga therapy offers a mindfulness-based integration of these two modalities - Hakomi (which I've been teaching internationally for more than 25 years) and yoga (which I've been practising and teaching for more than 40 years).

There are three main applications of psoma yoga: first as a personal practice for self-awareness and stress management, second as a way to work with someone else to support their personal healing journey, and third, as a way of offering a group learning experience of applied mindfulness either in a yoga setting or as group therapy.

The workshop offered at Hollyhock will include an experience of psoma yoga. Participants will be offered a chance to practise at their own level and to use the retreat experience to inspire and enhance their personal and/or professional relationships. Registration is online at Special discounts are in place because this retreat is happening at the beginning of the Hollyhock season.

In June, there is our annual Heart of Meditation retreat at Hui Hoolana on the island of Molokai. This retreat combines psoma yoga with meditation and Buddhist teachings and is led by myself and Flint Sparks, who is a Zen priest, psychotherapist, as well as a Hakomi trainer. ( We are offering this retreat in a stunning Hawaiian paradise. We will be focusing on our original approach to "mindful embodiment" and "embodied mindfulness". No previous experience is necessary. For registration or more information about it, please contact Flint directly.

Soma means body and ps (as in psychology) means mind/spirit...
So psoma therapy is body-mind/spirit therapy. It is the evolution of how I practise and teach what was originally called Hakomi as created and developed by Ron Kurtz. Read more...


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