I thought I'd post some of the letters I receive (and my answers) here, in the hope that others might find them helpful:

Hello Donna,
I've been looking over your website--your work looks fantastic. I'm searching for bodywork, specifically yoga asanas, that are beneficial to the 'self-reliant' type, and I can't find the information. Do you know what book or publication that might help me? I'm based in NYC.

When I think about yoga for the self-reliant, I think about the way we hold the shoulders and walk with a certain amount of rigidity in the mid-thoracic... right? Of course, the whole issue is one of support so any supported poses will be potentially useful. Even better to practise with a partner and rely on human support... perhaps with the person who is supporting you whispering... "I'll support you... I'll help you... you can count on me..." not as brainwashing but as an experiment to allow you to study the beliefs and attitudes that are organizing your self-reliance. This is the Hakomi Method approach which I teach and integrate with yoga. For my own self-reliance I also like to do poses of surrender... there's one I call a "mecca stretch" ... you can picture it... bowing down to whatever Higher Power you choose. Mostly it is about releasing shoulder and mid-back tension, and the ideas of having to do it alone...

Hope that is helpful.
Namaste! Donna

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